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900 Global Burner Pearl - The 600 Series has been revamped to give you even more performance than previous releases! The Burner Solid and Burner Pearl both feature the highly versatile S62 Cover and the ALL NEW Centroid Symmetric Core. With this combination, we have created a redefined value performance line that will tailor to your needs on medium-light oil.

S62 Solid - The S62 Cover has been proven on previous releases as a cover that balances out traction in the oil along with backend motion perfectly. By offering it in a solid and pearl version we have separated both balls enough to where you will see a noticeable difference. The Burner Solid will give you a very continuous shape, while the Burner Pearl will be a great option for moving in and opening up your angles.

Centroid Symmetric Core - The Centroid symmetric core addresses a need that many value performance balls struggle with… a lower density. By shifting the weight more towards the center of the ball we have eliminated the over/under that many balls in this category struggle with. The Burners have been purposely engineered to give you a reliable reaction when the lanes have broken down.

  • LEVEL Preferred 600 Series
    COLOR(S) Amethyst / Red
    CORE Centroid™ Symmetric
    COVERSTOCK S62™ Pearl
    COVER TYPE Pearl Reactive
    FINISH 1500 Grit Polished
    DUROMETER 74-76 on D-Scale
    LANE CONDITION Medium-Light Oil
    WEIGHTS 12-16 lbs
    RELEASE DATE 07/02/21
    WARRANTY 900 Global 1 Year Limited Warranty
    16 lbs 2.53 0.038
    15 lbs 2.53 0.037
    14 lbs 2.54 0.038
    13 lbs 2.59 0.045
    12 lbs 2.65 0.035

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