CtD Power Pad
Wet Cleaning Pad

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The CtD Power Pad is different than others on the market because it is made to be used wet.

It's all about the LAYERS!

  • Designed to be used wet!
  • Spray cleaner onto the pad and wipe your ball clean
  • Microfiber for deep cleaning
  • The Sherpa holds the ball cleaner in and keeps it from evaporating
  • Neoprene backing is waterproof to keep your hand dry

All these layers work together for the best clean and most consistent reaction without wasting a bunch of cleaner.

WASHABLE! Hand wash with dish soap to break down the built up dirt and oil, rinse well, then machine wash. Air dry.

Colors: Sold in assorted random colors. You may get either a Yellow, Blue or Green pad.

Sold Individually

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