Dexter SST 6 Hybrid

Slide Foot & Width
U.S. Men's Sizes

The Dexter SST 6 Hybrid - Men's Performance Bowling Shoes has impeccable functional and stylish details such as the removable heels and athletic stitched lines. Not sliding correctly? Switch out soles and heels to get a personalize slide that fits you. Rock the lanes with these black and gold shoes!

  • Removable Dexter (S8) slide sole
  • Removable Dexter (H5 ST) Saw Tooth heel on slide foot
  • Removable Dexter (H2) Ultra Brakz heel on push off (traction) shoe
  • Fixed Goodyear™ rubber push off (traction) sole
  • Full grain leather and nylon upper
  • Hybrid toe protector
  • Lace to toe upper pattern for a custom fit
  • Includes one (1) additional Dexter (S6) slide sole, one (1) additional Dexter (H7) Heel and a shoe protector

COLOR(S) Black / Gold
INTERCHANGEABLE SOLE(S)? Yes, slide sole only
INTERCHANGEABLE HEEL(S)? Yes, on both shoes
AVAILABLE SIZES Wide Width (EE) - 7-12, 13

On Slide Foot - (S8) white microfiber slide sole, (H5 ST) Saw Tooth heel

On Traction Foot - (H2) Ultra Brakz heel

In the box - (S6) Perforated Blue Microfiber slide sole, (H7) Red Leather heel, shoe protector

WARRANTY Dexter 1 Year Limited Warranty