DV8 Viz-A-Ball
Zombie Spare

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Look out uncooperative pins, they're coming to get you!

Leave a few pins standing? Pull out your DV8 Zombie Spare and put those pins down for good. Featuring the patented Viz-A-Ball process, the Zombie is a fun and unique spare ball that matches the outrageous personality of the DV8 brand.

* Please note that, depending on the weight, each ball may use a different inner core.

  • LEVEL $
    PART NUMBER 60-400583-93X
    COLOR / STYLE 2 sided Zombie Design
    CORE Bullet (Symmetric)
    COVER TYPE Polyester
    FINISH Polished
    BALL MOTION Straight
    LANE CONDITION Light Oil or Spare Shooting
    WEIGHTS 10, 12, 14-16 lbs
    RELEASE DATE 07/25/12
    WARRANTY DV8 Bowling 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • DV8 Viz-A-Ball Info Sheet

    DV8 Bowling Symmetric & Asymmetric Drilling Instructions

    • This novelty bowling ball may have a seam where both halves meet.
    • The patterns at the seams may not align.
    • Per manufacturer, a few tiny pit holes in the cover of the ball are normal.

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