Wood Ball Cup

Genesis Bowling Logo

The Genesis® Ball Cup brings the beauty of natural wood to your display or trophy case. Lightweight, durable and guaranteed not to scratch, this unique ball cup brings a refined appearance to where you'd normally find cheap plastic.

Beauty isn't only skin deep though, these are still workhorses. They'll hold securely in place while performing ball work thanks to the included Hyper™ Grip foot pads.

  • Wood burned Genesis® logo
  • The beauty of Natural Wood
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Guaranteed not to scratch your balls surface
  • Includes Hyper™ Grip foot pads
  • Great for display or trophy cases

Finish: Wood with a Natural Finish

* IMPORTANT! If you are using this ball cup to clean your ball, please note that some chemicals may harm the finish of your ball cup, especially products known to remove shellac and/or varnish. Always test any chemicals in an inconspicuous area before use to avoid ruining the finish.

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