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Linds Heritage - Men's Advanced Bowling Shoes

  • Removable Clarino® #8 white microfiber slide sole
  • Removable #5 Graduated Rubber heel on slide foot
  • Fixed (TO2) rubber push off (traction) sole
  • Fixed#2 Shark Tooth heel on traction foot
  • Bio-mechanically engineered for ultimate comfort and performance
  • Light, breathable, one-piece Knitted Wing Tip upper
  • Elastic ankle band for a secure and comfortable fit
  • Lace-up closure with Komfort-Fit™ construction
  • CMEVA outsole for a light and comfortable fit
  • STA-DRY™ Open Mesh tongue for maximum breath-ability
  • Innovative H-Bar heel locking system
  • Ortholite® 3D deluxe insoles
  • Includes an additional #10 Grey felt slide sole, a #6 Perforated White Microfiber slide sole and a #7 Black Leather heel
COLOR(S) Black / Charcoal
INTERCHANGEABLE SOLE(S)? Yes, slide foot only
INTERCHANGEABLE HEEL(S)? Yes, slide foot only

7-12, 13

INCLUDED ITEMS Genuine Clarino® #8 white microfiber slide pad, #5 graduated rubber heel, T02 rubber push-off sole, #2 shark tooth heel, #10 grey felt slide pad, #6 perforated white microfiber slide pad, #7 black leather heel
WARRANTY Linds 2 Year Limited Warranty