Master Momentum Tape
Performance Tape
12 ct Sample or 15 ct

Fast - Yellow
Quick - Royal Blue
Med - Purple
Slow - Green
Mixed Bag (Sample Pack)

Master Momentum Tape and gravity work hand-in hand to provide the perfect release every shot, every game. Available in 4 release speeds from Fast to Slow or in a Mixed Bag so you can try them all!

  • Each color features a different release speed
  • Protects skin
  • Ensures a proper fit
  • Applies to fingers or thumb
Available Styles

MAS-253Y - Yellow (Fastest Release) 15 ct

MAS-253R - Royal Blue (Quick Release) 15 ct

MAS-253P - Purple (Medium Release) 15 ct

MAS-253G - Green (Slowest Release) 15 ct

MAS-253M - Mixed Bag (3 of ea style) 12 ct

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