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Motiv Blue Tank

Mid Performance Bowling Ball

Microcell Polymer is back by overwhelming demand! MOTIV® is featuring this special cover technology along with the Halogen™ V2 core on the new MOTIV® Blue Tank™. This combination creates a ball that offers the most traction through the front of the lane in the history of MCP. The added traction and strength found in the Blue Tank™ allows for bowlers to benefit from a controlled, urethane-like shape on higher volumes of oil than traditional urethane allows.

MOTIV® invested a massive amount of research and development to engineer this new MCP (Microcell Polymer) shell and is excited to introduce Frixion™ M3 (Mark 3) Pearl. It is designed specifically for use when traditional urethane covers are not quite strong or continuous enough. It provides the Blue Tank™ with added traction in the front portion of the lane, displaying a more traditional urethane ball motion.

The Halogen™ V2 core was chosen for the Blue Tank™ to help provide more traction in the oil than the very low differential cores often used in traditional urethane balls. It has a high RG yet enough differential to produce more flare when strong layouts are used. It can also be drilled with a low flare layout like many traditional urethane balls. This versatility is what makes the Halogen™ V2 core perfect for the Blue Tank™.

When to Use

Speed Dominant - On very short oil patterns and when there is significant wet/dry in a pattern, speed dominant players will use the Blue Tank from straighter angles to control the pocket without giving away hitting power. Typically, speed dominant bowlers are unable to use urethane options, but as MCP covers have proven in the past, Microcell is an option for speed dominant players when urethane often is not. Added traction and strength found in Microcell shells allows for speed dominant players to benefit from the control other bowlers find in urethane.

Balanced Bowlers - Urethane and low absorption coverstocks have become a necessity for nearly all bowlers who compete on wet/dry patterns and sport conditions over the course of the last decade. Balanced bowlers are now expected to use urethane often times when the pattern demands it. The Blue Tank provides greater control down lane than modern urethane and more traction in the front of the lane. This allows balanced bowlers to be more assertive with ball speed and roll choices and should let those bowlers use urethane for a longer period of time during a block.

Rev Dominant Bowlers - Rev dominant bowlers often struggle with being forced to open their angles too steep early on in the development of an oil pattern. The results are normally less than ideal as control is sacrificed and the bowler is unable to play the pattern as it is intended. The Blue Tank allows for those shallow angles for rev dominant players on demanding patterns. Additionally, due to the strength of the MCP Frixion M3 shell, Rev Dominant players will be able to use the Blue Tank when “urethane isn’t in play” according to other bowlers.

    COLOR(S) Blue
    CORE Hal™ Symmetric
    COVERSTOCK Frixion M3 Pearl MCP
    COVER TYPE Pearl Microcell Polymer
    FINISH 1000 grit LSS
    LENGTH 10
    BACKEND 11
    HOOK 48
    FLARE 2" +
    LANE CONDITION Light to Light-Medium Oil
    WEIGHTS 12-16 lbs
    RELEASE DATE 05/18/22
    WARRANTY Motiv® 1 Year Limited Warranty
    16 lbs 2.58 0.023
    15 lbs 2.59 0.023
    14 lbs 2.61 0.023
    13 lbs 2.63 0.024
    12 lbs 2.65 0.026

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