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The Jackal™ series from MOTIV® represents the ultimate level of high performance and the MOTIV® Jackal™ Flash is an incredible addition. It is the strongest asymmetric pearl that MOTIV® has ever developed. When bowling on higher volumes of oil with a solid asymmetric ball like the Jackal™ Ghost or the Alpha edition, the ball you transition to should provide similar strength, but be cleaner through the front of the lane with a faster response on the backend. And that is precisely what the Jackal™ Flash is built for. The performance technology packed into the 3-color pearl Flash edition is synergistically merged and tuned with a 5000 Grit LSP finish to produce pin-crushing continuation. The asymmetric Predator® V2 core has a super low RG and is packed with differential to maximize revs and track flare. This powerful core is encased with the latest Infusion™ HV Pearl Reactive cover stock from MOTIV® to provide the length and powerful angle needed when transitioning on heavy oil patterns.

While designed as an early transition ball for heavy oil, rev dominant bowlers can use the Jackal™ Flash as the first ball out of their bag. Speed dominant bowlers who cannot usually throw a pearl ball will find it to be very versatile in more moderate conditions.

    COLOR(S) Orange / Silver / Blue
    CORE Predator™ V2 Asymmetric
    COVERSTOCK Infusion™ HV Pearl
    COVER TYPE Pearl Reactive
    FINISH 5000 Grit LSP
    LENGTH 17
    BACKEND 18
    HOOK 58
    FLARE 7" +
    WEIGHTS 14-16 lbs
    RELEASE DATE 09/16/20
    WARRANTY Motiv® 1 Year Limited Warranty
    16 lbs 2.48 0.047 0.013
    15 lbs 2.47 0.054 0.015
    14 lbs 2.51 0.049 0.014
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