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Dominion over the Lanes

Versatility. Continuation. With a brand-new core and cover stock, the MOTIV® Pride™ is the designed to be the perfect benchmark piece. Unique from anything currently available from MOTIV®, the Pride™ fits perfectly into the medium oil position of the ball guide.

The new technology at the heart of the Pride™ is the Dominion™ core. It has specifications that place it between the Gear™ APG and the asymmetrical cores seen in the Trident™ and Jackal™ series. These unique asymmetric specifications leverage the physics of the Dominion™ core so the Pride™ can be used on moderate volumes of oil and higher friction than the typical asymmetric bowling ball.

Additionally, now that weight holes are illegal in competition, the asymmetric Dominion™ core will enable players to control ball motion more than most symmetric cores. MOTIV® Tour Rep, Brett Spangler, said, “What’s so cool about this core to me is that I never felt like I was throwing an asym.; I get the versatility of the asymmetrical core, but the Pride™ never wanted to go too forward down lane or glue up too much in the front. To have the versatility of an asym without some of the traditional drawbacks is incredible.”

The Dominion™ core is encased with the latest reactive Coercion™ cover stock from MOTIV® called UCS – Ultimate Continuation Solid. It was created by providing more length and more angle to the existing Coercion™ MXC cover technology. This new UCS Reactive cover stock is the most versatile Coercion™ shell to date and complements the unique specifications of the Dominion™ core perfectly.

When To Use (Bowler's Style):

  • Speed Dominant - Bowlers with higher speed or lower rev rates benefit greatly from asymmetrical cores. Providing versatility in drilling and the ability to limit the skid phase for bowlers who struggle to get the ball to slow down is a massive plus.
  • Balanced - For balanced bowlers this is the centerpiece to their arsenal. The Pride is the first ball out of the bag and the one used most often. The controllable core and cover combination allows balanced bowlers to use the Pride on a variety of surfaces and concentrations of oil. The easily tuned Coercion UCS Cover can also be shined or scuffed to allow an even broader window for balanced bowlers to use the Pride.
  • Rev Dominant - For many rev dominant bowlers, asymmetrical balls are too strong to use on house shots and moderate oil patterns. A lower differential and cleaner cover than most asymmetrical solids allows rev dominant bowlers to have an asym in their bag that they can use on many more patterns and higher friction surfaces.
    COLOR(S) Black / Gray / Orange
    CORE Dominion™ Asymmetric
    COVERSTOCK Corecion™ UCS Reactive
    COVER TYPE Solid Reactive
    FINISH 4000 Grit LSS
    LENGTH 14
    BACKEND 16
    HOOK 57
    FLARE 5" +
    WEIGHTS 12-16 lbs
    RELEASE DATE 10/13/21
    WARRANTY Motiv® 1 Year Limited Warranty
    16 lbs 2.49 0.041 0.010
    15 lbs 2.50 0.042 0.010
    14 lbs 2.52 0.043 0.011
    13 lbs 2.56 0.039 0.009
    12 lbs 2.63 0.028 0.007
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