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Astro Nuts

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The Radical Astro-Nuts spare ball has Phil and Mo on an intergalactic misadventure as they accidentally leave Squatch behind on a remote moon. Pick up those spares with this straight motion lane orb.

Radical Viz-A-Balls™ feature limited-edition graphics. They're bowling's works of art.

The polyester cover provides low hook potential, which is great for first time ball purchasers or picking up spares. It is also useful for more experienced bowlers on extremely dry lane conditions.

* Please note that, depending on the weight, each ball may use a different inner core.

  • LEVEL Polyester
    PART NUMBER 60-400623-93X
    COLOR / STYLE 2 sided Astro Nuts design
    CORE Standard 3-Piece
    COVERSTOCK Polyester
    COVER TYPE Polyester
    FINISH Crown Factory Polish
    WEIGHTS 6, 8, 10, 12, 14-16 lbs
    RELEASE DATE 07/07/15
    WARRANTY Radical 1 Year Limited Ball Warranty
    • This novelty bowling ball may have a seam where both halves meet.
    • The patterns at the seams may not align.
    • Per manufacturer, a few tiny pit holes in the cover of the ball are normal.

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