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Every aspect of a ball must serve a purpose. So, while the Storm Axiom Pearl colors are unmistakable, they’re not simply a matter of allure. Deep within its DNA is a blueprint for tenacity that’s invisible to the naked eye yet evident on the lanes. In the classic case of sibling one-upmanship, the Axiom Pearl comes with the same forcible core with a new coverstock refinement. NeX Pearl enhances every facet of your game. This never-before-seen structural formula distributes power to the right place at the right time to provide reliable transitions and superior control. Think Nano™, but to the extreme. Midlane read and impressive backend come in spades with this chemistry. Never has a pearlized ball been able to dig in deep like the Axiom Pearl.

NeX Pearl - NRG™ has become a staple in Storm’s lineup of coverstocks for nearly a decade. It’s due time for an upgrade! NeX (Nano Extreme) is Storm’s earliest reading cover to date. NeX Solid was remarkably earlier hooking than NRG on any pattern, or any surface we tested it on. Our standardized durability and longevity tests showed NeX created 11% more entry angle and 9.6% more overall hook after 50 shots compared to a fresh NRG cover. Simply put, NeX gives more midlane read than ever WITHOUT sacrificing any backend! Wow.

Orbital Core - The Orbital Core has a distinctly low RG axis. The lower the RG, the less resistant the ball will be to changing direction as it travels down the lane. The compact and extremely dense central ball inside maintains a tight spin radius with a low moment of inertia. This ensures the ball revs up fast in the midlane with less effort and blends out the end of the pattern.

  • LEVEL Master
    COLOR(S) Cobalt / Graphite / Candy Apple
    CORE Orbital Core (Symmetrical)
    COVER TYPE Pearl Reactive
    FINISH 1500 grit Polished
    FLARE 5-6" (High)
    DUROMETER 73-75 on D-Scale
    LANE CONDITION Medium-Heavy Oil
    FRAGRANCE Peppermint
    WEIGHTS 12-16 lbs
    RELEASE DATE 10/09/20
    WARRANTY Storm 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • * Product Note: 12-13 lb. models of this ball use an alternate core that is different from the heavier models.

    16 lbs 2.47 0.048
    15 lbs 2.48 0.050
    14 lbs 2.55 0.049
    13 lbs 2.59 0.045
    12 lbs 2.65 0.035
  • Storm Axiom Pearl Tech Sheet

    Storm Axiom Pearl Design intent

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