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Polyester Bowling Ball

The Brunswick TZone line features bright colors, outstanding durability, and pinpoint accuracy for all levels of bowlers.

Polyester - Great for first time ball purchasers or picking up spares.

Accurate - Low hook potential, typically a spare ball or useful on extremely dry conditions. Balls with higher numbers will be the straightest.

Reaction Shape Strength: 99 - The higher the number the stronger the reaction shape – with 1 being the least and 100 the most.

  • LEVEL Polyester
    PART NUMBER 60-106198-93X
    COLOR(S) Pink / Ice Blue / White
    CORE TZone Bullet (Symmetric)
    COVERSTOCK Polyester
    COVER TYPE Polyester
    FINISH Crown Factory Polish
    RG 2.696
    DIFF 0.019
    BALL MOTION Straight
    LANE CONDITION Light Oil and Spare Shooting
    WEIGHTS 6, 8-15 lbs
    RELEASE DATE 12/01/19
    WARRANTY Brunswick 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Brunswick TZone Cores
    Brunswick TZone Cores

    The TZone series features the TZone Bullet core shape for 12-15 lb. models. Lightweight generic cores are used for the 9-11 lb. and 6-8 lb. models respectively.

  • Brunswick TZone - Tech Sheet

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