Genesis Sport Plush

Genesis Bowling Logo

Genesis Sport Plush See-Saw

Extra Plush Bowling Ball See Saw

The Genesis Sport Plush See-Saw brings eye-catching style to an already functional product. The bright neon orange color and large Genesis logo is sure to demand attention!

Compared to Genesis Deluxe See Saws, the Sport Plush See Saw is thicker and softer on the inside, providing extra protection when storing a ball in your bag or storage locker. The exterior features a ribbed fabric that provides more stretch, so it "hugs" the surface of the ball for a more efficient wiping action with each motion.

  • Thicker, Ultra Plush material!
  • Ribbed exterior provides extra stretch
  • With each motion, it "hugs" the ball for a more complete wipe
  • Softer, more plush interior won't scratch your ball
  • Stretchy vinyl logo resists cracking with use
  • Heavy duty stitching & premium trim
  • Works on all ball types
  • Fully machine washable
Color: Neon Orange

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