Storm C4
Wrist Positioner
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Storm C4 Wrist Positioner

The Storm C4 wrist positioner is in a class of its own. The ultimate in wrist support has just got even better with a single switch that allows the user to change the amount of cup and lateral wrist angle in no time flat. The removable hand and wrist pads are designed to be washed, and ultimately replaced if need be.

  • Palm strap for secure fit
  • Adjustable wrist/forearm strap for customized fit
  • Single switch allows for simultaneous cup and wrist angle adjustment
  • Designed for superior performance and function
  • Heavy duty anchor spare shooting adjustment makes spares easy
  • Embroidered logos

Both the Storm C2 and the Storm C4 devices have the ability to increase/ decrease rev rate, as well as axis rotation and axis tilt. The major difference is the Storm C4 has replaceable pads for the wrist and back hand.

Availability: RH or LH
Sizes: S/M or L/XL

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