Turbo Rev
Finger Gripper
Assorted Sizes


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Turbo Rev

Bowling Finger Gripper

The Turbo Rev Finger Gripper is worn on fingers on the surface of the ball to improve grip and relieve discomfort. Depending on the finger, it can help increase or decrease your axis rotation.

  • Non-traditional finger insert
  • Protection from discomfort
  • Worn on the index finger; more axis rotation
  • Worn on pinkie finger; reduce axis rotation
Color: Random (You may get Yellow or Clear)

S (i.d. 19/32), M (i.d. 21/32), L (i.d. 23/32), XL (i.d. 25/32)
*i.d. dimensions are approximate and may vary up to 1/32

Sold Individually

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