VISE Slip Agent
Ball Polish
8 oz - 32 oz


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Vise Slip Agent

Bowling Ball Polish

Vise Slip Agent is for any bowler who is Rev-Dominant or wants to delay the break-point as long as possible. There is not another polish available that can produce more length than this Slip Agent.

Bowlers with stronger releases who want to tighten their line will benefit greatly from using Slip Agent. However, the bowlers who are most excited about Slip Agent are Seniors and Juniors who have strong hand positions and slower ball speeds.

If you want more length and less total hook than their Polish, then move to this third and final step, Slip Agent.

  • May use alone or as a Third step of the VISE polishing system
  • Provides more length and less overall hook
  • Great for low ball speed or high rev players who struggle with drier lane conditions
  • Achieve an Ultra High Gloss polished finish when used after Vise Polish
  • Polish is effective whether applied by hand or with a ball-spinner
  • Replacement for Innovative's Rev-Lotion line of polishes
  • Safe to handle
  • Safe for all cover-stock types of bowling balls
  • USBC Approved product
Sizes: 8 oz or 32 oz

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