Wet / Dry Cleaning Pad

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CtD BAM Pad (Big Amazing Microfiber Pad)

Wet / Dry Bowling Ball Cleaning Pad
  • 5 (that's right FIVE) layers for the best clean out there
  • The textured microfiber layer is made to be used dry during competition or wet with our cleaners when not competing
  • The black leather layer is also great for using dry during competition
  • Inside, there are TWO layers of Sherpa PLUS a waterproof rubber layer
  • It feels great in your hand AND easily wipes away dirt and oil while bowling
  • This pad is washable and reusable

All these layers work together for the best clean and most consistent reaction without wasting a bunch of cleaner.

WASHABLE! Hand wash with dish soap to break down the built up dirt and oil, rinse well, then machine wash. Air dry

To Use: While bowling, simply wipe away the dirt and oil in between each shot using the textured microfiber side of the pad. The back (black) side of the pad is leather and can be used to wipe away the dirt and oil while bowling. Before and After bowling, spray your favorite CtD bowling ball cleaner on the bowling ball and use the textured microfiber side of the pad to wipe the ball clean.

Size: 7.5" diameter
Colors: Black Leather / Assorted Microfiber (You may get Blue or Green)

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