Genesis Sync Silver
Hybrid Insert Tape


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Genesis Sync - Silver

Hybrid Insert Bowling Tape

Genesis Sync Silver is an all new hybrid of traditional style bowling tapes. Its unique semi-transparent 10 mil soft vinyl combines enhanced grip with a smooth surface, so it won’t wear out like the traditional textured tapes of the past. The soft feel also provides a more comfortable grip, helping your hand to relax so you won't have as much tendency to squeeze your shot.

  • Unique semi-transparent soft vinyl material
  • Smooth texture with added grip
  • Non wearing grip surface
  • Cuts easily with scissors
  • Lasts longer than traditional style insert tapes

For use in thumb or finger holes as an overlay tape for added grip and comfort.

How to use an Overlay Tape

Sync Silver utilizes a unique material to give it its outstanding performance properties. Because of this material, Sync or any other insert tapes will not readily stick on top of Sync™ Silver consistently.

For best results, and the least amount of residue, we recommend utilizing Sync Silver only as an overlay tape. Meaning... insert at least one piece of black or white tape underneath for the cleanest and easiest removal, but never plan on adding a piece of tape on top of Sync Silver.

Sizes: ½”, ¾” or 1”
Quantity: 10 ct or 40 ct

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