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Taking the Hy-Road... for over a Decade!

Storm Hy-Road - Power in every shot. Purpose in every ball. For over a decade, the Hy-Road has exemplified this. The hitting power is unmistakable in the Inverted Fe2 Technology with its heightened coefficient of restitution. The R2S Hybrid Reactive has become a pillar of consistency and utilized in some of Storm’s most successful balls in recent history.

R2S Hybrid - R2S is synonymous with some of the most successful balls in recent history like the Hy-Road, Frantic, and the IQ Tour. It is renowned for clearing the front part of the lane with an unprecedented movement on the back-end. The consistency of this shell through the heads is something to be marveled at.

Inverted Fe2 Core - Inverted Fe2 technology boasts a higher RG and differential like most other balls in the Thunder Line, but with one very important benefit: it lacks the core material that most other balls have. This enables the ball to have a much thicker shell which raises the coefficient of restitution. A higher energy transfer to the pins with less deflection upon impact is what can be expected with this design.

  • LEVEL Thunder
    COLOR(S) Black / Ultramarine Blue
    CORE Inverted Fe2 (Symmetrical)
    COVER TYPE Hybrid Reactive
    FINISH 1500 grit Abralon Polished
    FLARE 5-6" (High)
    DUROMETER 74-76 on D-Scale
    LANE CONDITION Medium-Heavy Oil
    FRAGRANCE Combination Berry
    WEIGHTS 12-16 lbs
    RELEASE DATE 11/08
    WARRANTY Storm 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • * Product Note: 12-13 lb. models of this ball use an alternate core that is different from the heavier models.

    16 lbs 2.52 0.058
    15 lbs 2.57 0.046
    14 lbs 2.58 0.037
    13 lbs * 2.59 0.045
    12 lbs * 2.65 0.035
  • Storm Hy-Road Tech Sheet

    Storm Symmetric Drill Sheet

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