900 Global Premier Zen
Leather Ball Wipe

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900 Global Zen Shammy

Rubber Backed Leather Bowling Ball Shammy Pad

The 900 Global Premier Zen Shammy features a circular design that promotes ease of use as well as efficiency. This sharp looking shammy is perfectly sized to fit easily into your hand. It will restore that tacky feel to ensure a strong backend motion that all bowlers want and demand. The Premier Zen Shammy works on all types of bowling balls…you can feel the difference!

  • Injection molded rubber logo design on one side for gripping
  • Premium leather pad on opposite side for wiping ball
  • Absorbs lane oil to maintain peak performance
  • Removes oil, dust, and dirt
  • Use between shots to refresh the ball surface
  • Hand wash and air dry
Color: Dark Grey / Yellow

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