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Brunswick Rhino - Magenta / Purple / Navy

Entry Level Performance Bowling Ball

The Brunswick Rhino delivers the perfect balance between power and control for the first-time reactive ball buyer. The Rhino provides enhanced performance and a variety of attractive color options.

The R-16 reactive coverstock describes the formulation that provides a perfect balance between power and control. The R-16 formula produces easy length and back-end hook motion without extreme sensitivity to the dry and oily parts of the lane. Combined with the traditional light bulb core shape, the Rhino delivers outstanding ball motion and impressive pin action for more strikes and higher scores.

Affordable - Great performance with lower hook potential. Perfect for drier conditions and especially newer bowlers looking for a great value.

All Purpose - Versatile ball motion that is useful across various lane conditions, usually a continuous and strong arcing ball. Balls with higher numbers will have stronger overall reactions.

Reaction Shape Strength: 30 - The higher the number the stronger the reaction shape – with 1 being the least and 100 the most.

  • LEVEL Affordable
    PART NUMBER 60-106512-93X
    COLOR(S) Magenta / Purple / Navy
    CORE Light Bulb (Symmetric)
    COVERSTOCK R-16 Reactive
    COVER TYPE Pearl Reactive
    FINISH 500 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound / Crown Factory Polish
    BALL MOTION Easy Length and Back-end Hook Motion
    LANE CONDITION Light to Medium Oil
    WEIGHTS 10-16 lbs
    RELEASE DATE 06/03/21
    WARRANTY Brunswick 2 Year Limited Warranty
    16 lbs 2.511 0.030
    15 lbs 2.524 0.030
    14 lbs 2.540 0.030
    13 lbs 2.558 0.030
    12 lbs 2.579 0.030
    11 lbs 2.769 0.002
    10 lbs 2.800 0.002
    Brunswick Rhino Cores

    Brunswick Rhino Cores

    The Rhino series features the tried and true Light Bulb core shape for 12-16 lb. models. A Lightweight generic core is used for the 10-11 lb. models.

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