Genesis Evolution Hydro
Ball Cleaner
4 oz - 8 oz - 32 oz


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Genesis Evolution Hydro

All Purpose Bowling Ball Cleaner

Genesis Evolution Hydro is our all purpose ball cleaner. It has been approved for use during USBC competition, meaning you can clean your ball anytime you want. While being the mildest cleaner in the Evolution line, it still has the power to clean most any contaminants from the surface of your ball. Dirt, oil, scuff or belt marks? No problem. The gentle, low odor, water based formula stays wet longer, aiding in the break down of tough to clean spots on the surface of your ball. Giving you an effective way to clean your ball mid-competition, when other cleaners just aren't allowed.

Stays Wet longer

It stays wet to aid in the break down of dirt, oil and other tough to clean spots.

Water Based Formula

A modern, proprietary blend with many similar ingredients to lane cleaners.

Reduces Oil Build-Up

By reducing the amount of build-up, you get a more consistent ball reaction.

  • Removes surface oil, dirt and scuff marks
  • Reduces & prevents oil build-up
  • Helps maintain ball reaction
  • Stays wet longer, aiding in dirt and oil break down
  • Safe for use on all ball types
  • USBC Approved
Sizes: 4 oz, 8 oz, 32 oz Spray or 32 oz Refill

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