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Genesis Bowling Shoe Brush

The Genesis Shoe Brush will help you keep your bowling shoes in top condition. Keeping your slide soles clean is an important step to maintain consistency and also helps you get the most out of your shoe investment. Brushing also aids in controlling your slide when encountering slicker than normal approaches.

Pro Tip: To generate more slide, brush your slide sole(s) from the toe to the back in smooth, soft strokes. To create less slide, brush the slide sole(s) from either side to side (slower) or from back to front (slowest).

  • Use to clean your bowling shoe soles
  • Aids in controlling slide on slippery approaches
  • Wide brush size allows for single pass brushing with no overlap
  • Stiff brass bristles
  • Built for durability
  • Features the Genesis® logo
Color: Gray / Black
Size: 10.75" L
Brush Area: 4.75" x .75"

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