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KR Strikeforce TPC Hype

Unisex Performance Bowling Shoes

The Perfection Collection (TPC) - Engineered For The Best Bowlers In The World

The Perfection Collection is about more than just delivering the best bowling shoes ever made. Our goal with this shoe collection is to help all bowlers achieve their version of perfection. Bowlers who buy a pair of shoes from the collection will experience benefits beyond the shoes themselves, including access to an exclusive online community, instructional and educational content,exclusive events, and much more. We aim to help bowlers become the best version of themselves on the lanes, and this Collection is designed to help them get there.

  • Removable slide sole and heel on slide foot
  • Fixed traction sole and removable heel on traction foot
  • High Quality Microfiber Upper with TPU molded heel stabilizer for added stability and enhanced fit
  • Freelock Dial lacing system
  • Thermal Polyurethane (TPU) outsole that is light and extremely flexible
  • Padded Lycra lining for added comfort
  • Bio-mechanically contoured for the perfect fit and performance
  • Minimal break-in time required
  • Innovative H-Bar heel locking system
  • NEW Ortholite High Rebound molded insole for prolonged comfort and durability


  • #10 grey felt slide pad
  • #6 perforated white microfiber slide pad
  • #7 black leather heel
  • TPC branded Dura-Flex shoe cover
  • Large TPC branded valuables pouch
  • TPC bag tag
  • TPC welcome letter

KR Strikeforce - Unisex Shoe Size Conversion Chart

COLOR(S) White / Black / Sky
INTERCHANGEABLE SOLE(S)? Yes, slide foot only
INTERCHANGEABLE HEEL(S)? Yes, on both shoes
AVAILABLE SIZES Unisex - Men's 5-12, 13 / Women's 6.5 - 11

On Slide Foot - Genuine Clarino #8 white microfiber slide pad, #5 graduated rubber heel

On Traction Foot - T02C rubber crystal rubber push off sole (fixed), #2 shark tooth heel

In the Box - #6 perforated white microfiber slide pad, #10 grey felt slide pad, #7 black leather heel, TPC branded Dura-Flex shoe cover, large TPC branded valuables pouch, TPC bag tag and a TPC welcome letter.

WARRANTY KR Strikeforce 2 Year Limited Warranty