Mongoose Equalizer
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Mongoose Equalizer

Bowling Wrist Support

The Mongoose Equalizer is designed to free up the hand and fingers to allow you to get around the ball better, create added spin and get the ball further down the lane on drier conditions, all while providing the proper level of wrist support.

Special Edition Pink to support Breast Cancer Awareness!

For each Pink Mongoose sold, Mongoose Products is donating $1 to support Breast Cancer Awareness

  • Designed to ensure proper hand positioning on a consistent basis
  • Provides proper wrist support while still maintaining a high comfort level
  • Increases roll by reducing spin
  • The unique design and manufacturing process allows the Mongoose to form to your hand and wrist, after a brief breaking in period
  • Velcro straps make for easy adjustment and fast removal and placement of the Mongoose
  • Made in USA
Availability: RH or LH
Sizes: S, M or L

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