Mongoose The Wedge Kit
Wrist Support Inserts

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Mongoose "The Wedge" Kit

Bowling Wrist Support Inserts

Get More Lift, More Roll, More Revs & More WINS with "The WEDGE"!

Add "The Wedge" to your favorite Mongoose wrist support to tackle more lane conditions than you thought possible. It's as simple as one, two, three!

Each wedge will position your wrist in a different position, turning your Mongoose wrist support in to an adjustable wrist positioner!

  • The Wedge Kit allows your existing Mongoose to be full adjustable and still light weight
  • For more Lift and Comfort than ever before
  • Keeps your wrist device light weight compared to other wrist positioners
  • Attach wedge of desired thickness to your existing Mongoose with or without glue
  • Can be fitted to any new or existing Mongoose wrist support by gluing on the 1.75” Velcro circle
  • Made in USA
3 Pc Kit Includes: 3 color coded wedges in 1/2" (Red), 3/4" (White) and 1" (Blue) thick (glue kit sold separately)

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