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Motiv Jackal Ghost™

High Performance Bowling Ball

The Jackal™ has been resurrected! The new Motiv Jackal Ghost™ is here to reign terror on heavy oil. With paranormal performance, it delivers more total hook potential than any previous Jackal with no loss in continuation. It's scary good! The Predator™ V2 weight block, first used on the Jackal™ LE, is now at the core of the Jackal Ghost™. Featuring a low RG and loads of differential, this asymmetric design is easy to rev and produces massive track flare.

Combining the physics of the Predator™ V2 with the chemistry of the new Coercion™ HFS (High Friction Solid) cover stock, the Jackal Ghost™ elevates heavy oil performance to a new level. Coercion™ HFS is the most aggressive cover stock to date on a bowling ball in the Jackal product line. Turned with a 3000 Grit LSS Finish, bowlers will see both excellent mid-lane read and unbelievable continuation.

Obviously the Jackal Ghost™ will be a go-to ball for bowlers that want to see more hook without sacrificing continuation on higher volumes of oil. It will also be ideal for bowlers that have a low rev rate or higher ball speeds.

    COLOR(S) Black / Purple
    CORE Predator™ V2 Asymmetric
    COVERSTOCK Coercion™ HFS Solid
    COVER TYPE Solid Reactive
    FINISH 3000 Grit LSS
    LENGTH 12
    BACKEND 16
    HOOK 61
    FLARE 7" +
    LANE CONDITION Heavy Oil - Smooth Motion
    WEIGHTS 12-16 lbs
    RELEASE DATE 01/18/17
    WARRANTY Motiv® 1 Year Limited Warranty
    16 lbs 2.48 0.047 0.013
    15 lbs 2.47 0.054 0.015
    14 lbs 2.51 0.049 0.014
    13 lbs 2.57 0.040 0.011
    12 lbs 2.64 0.030 0.010

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