Motiv Power Puck
Ball Cleaning Eraser

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Motiv Power Puck

Bowling Ball Cleaning Eraser

The Motiv Power Puck makes cleaning your bowling balls a breeze! Pair with Amplify Ball Cleaner for maximum results.

  • Pack of 10 sponge and scouring pads
  • Eraser sponge makes cleaning bowling balls a breeze
  • Use with Amplify ball cleaner for maximum cleaning action
  • Scouring pad on the other side is perfect for scrubbing off built up grime
  • Great for use on all types of bowling balls, sanded and polished!
  • If using on a polished ball, it will dull the cover stock slightly so it may be necessary to use Power Gel SHINE to restore the finish
  • Each easy-to-hold puck is 2.25" in diameter
Quantity: 10 Pack
Color: Orange / White

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