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Motiv Primal™ Shock

Upper-Mid Performance Bowling Ball

The most sought after crossover in Motiv history is here with the introduction of the Primal™ Shock! Combining two of Motiv’s greatest releases, the Primal Rage™ and Venom Shock™, the Primal Shock™ takes the best of both balls to create something truly special. Turmoil™ MFS cover technology from the Venom Shock™ and the Impulse™ V2 core from the Primal Rage™ combine to provide strong mid-lane traction with plenty of angle down lane. The Primal Shock™ dominates medium to heavy oil conditions, offering a vast array of options to attack the lanes. This is a can’t miss combination that bowlers have been asking for since 2013!

Turmoil™ MFS technology has been a benchmark for Motiv, providing moderate mid-lane traction with plenty of down lane motion. Featured in the longest running Motiv ball of all time, the Venom Shock™, this cover perfectly balances control and aggression. This is the pinnacle of benchmark ball motion.

The Primal Shock™ takes the ultimate benchmark ball motion found in the Venom Shock™ and amps up performance by pairing it with the strong Impulse™ V2 core found in the Primal Rage™. This core creates incredibly strong down-lane motion and marks a significant upgrade in overall core strength from the Gear™ core found in the Venom Shock™. When paired with the Turmoil™ MFS cover, the result is a medium-heavy and moderately angular monster that is a must have in every bag.

When To Use
  • Speed Dominant - Many speed dominant bowlers are unable to use balls with differentials as low as the Venom Shock. A more dynamic core allows these bowlers to use the same cover stock, but with a motion that suits them. The Primal Shock will be a moderately angular complement to a speed dominant bowler’s benchmark ball. This will be an outstanding first transition ball for bowlers with excessive speed or lower rev rates.
  • Balanced - The Venom Shock is a balanced bowler’s dream. It’s been the benchmark ball for those bowlers for years now and will continue to be. Over the years, many balanced bowlers have said that they’d like a more angular Venom Shock and one that could create more down lane motion. The Primal Shock is that ball.
  • Rev Dominant - The highest rev rate and lowest speed bowlers will use the Primal Shock on fresh oil and high volume patterns when they need to create some angle. Before the rev dominant players can get all the way into the angular pearls, a Primal Shock will allow for easy mid-lane read and moderate angle to start opening up their angles on transitioning lanes.
    COLOR(S) Purple / Purple Solid
    CORE Impulse V2™ Symmetric
    COVER TYPE Solid Reactive
    FINISH 4000 grit LSS
    LENGTH 72
    BACKEND 84
    HOOK 70
    FLARE 5" +
    LANE CONDITION Medium-Heavy Oil
    WEIGHTS 12-16 lbs
    RELEASE DATE 02/22/23
    WARRANTY Motiv® 1 Year Limited Warranty
    16 lbs 2.54 0.049
    15 lbs 2.55 0.050
    14 lbs 2.56 0.054
    13 lbs 2.60 0.055
    12 lbs 2.67 0.040
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