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Radical ZigZag

Radical is very excited to announce a new addition to the Top Shelf lineup, the ZigZag. We used our new core development system (originally used to develop the Outer Limits and the new Katana line) to predict core motion and dial in specific desired performance
characteristics. Using this new program and the best coverstock in the industry HK22, we have created the ZigZag.

The ZigZag has an RG of 2.501, a DIFF of 0.045, and an ASY of 0.015. These core numbers and unique core shape combined with HK22 hybrid create a strong down-lane motion. A unique characteristic is that the ZigZag has a longer hook window, not typically seen in asymmetrical balls. Our goal at Radical is to keep increasing the backend motion while maintaining continuation through the pins. The ZigZag has exceeded that goal. Combining this new core shape with the HK22 hybrid and outstanding shelf appeal, the ZigZag is guaranteed to be a home run.

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