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It's time to put Fate in your own hands!

Storm Fate™ - The Belmo story would not be the same if his path didn't cross with Storm. For over 20 years they have formed a formidable team. Winning titles globally as an amateur and then breaking records and setting the PBA Tour on fire together for over adecade. The partnership between Storm and Belmo was not luck, it was their FATE.

ReX™ Pearl - ReX™ Pearl is making its triumphant return to the Fate. First seen on the Dark Code™, ReX™ is the perfect mix of R2S™ and NeX™, literally! We’ve taken these acclaimed coverstocks and fused them together in the lab to create something that gives all the midlane read WITH backend reaction one could ask for. Thus, ReX™ a.k.a. “Reactor Extreme” was born.

F-8™ Core - Compared to the Dual-Drive™, Piston™, and Piston™ LD, the F-8 Core in the Fate has been packed with more differential than any previous Belmo ball before it. With those enhanced dynamics, the Fate gives the player more recovery and hitting power than any previous collaboration. This newly designed weight block was created to play multiple angles and have superior performance no matter your rev rate.

  • LEVEL Master
    COLOR(S) Sapphire Pearl
    CORE F-8™ Core (Symmetric)
    COVER TYPE Pearl Reactive
    FINISH Reacta Gloss™
    FLARE Med-High
    DUROMETER 73-75
    LANE CONDITION Medium to Medium-Heavy Oil
    FRAGRANCE Cherry Berry Smoothie
    WEIGHTS 12-16 lbs
    RELEASE DATE 11/18/22
    WARRANTY Storm 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • * Product Note: 12-13 lb. models of this ball use an alternate core that is different from the heavier models.

    16 lbs 2.52 0.052
    15 lbs 2.52 0.053
    14 lbs 2.54 0.052
    13 lbs 2.59 0.045
    12 lbs 2.65 0.035
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