Storm Virtual Energy Blackout

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Storm Virtual Energy™ Blackout

The Virtual Energy™ Blackout builds on an already concrete foundation created by the Shape-Lock™ HD Core. But now, and sleeker than ever, the Blackout has taken the reigns with a tour-inspired 1-tone design. The shape you didn’t know you needed until it was gone is back!

ReX™ Pearl

Traditionally, the term “hybrid” suggests that both solid and pearl components coexist within a coverstock. We saw a better way for hybrids and took it. When we joined R2S™ with NeX™ in the lab, the results exceeded our expectations. In our testing, we discovered that the NeX™ foundation produced a similar backend and entry angle numbers because the chemical porosity of R2S™ is slightly more compact than NeX™. We left nothing to chance with this one. Thus, ReX a.k.a. “Reactor Extreme” was born.

Shape-Lock™ HD Core

This shape can power through just about anything. “HD” is short for high density, which lowers the RG and raises the differential of the weight block. A higher differential translates to more flare potential, so every time the ball makes a rotation it exposes a fresh portion of coverstock material to the oil.

  • LEVEL Premier
    COLOR(S) Blackout
    CORE Shape-Lock™ HD Core (Asymmetric)
    COVER TYPE Pearl Reactive
    FINISH Reacta Gloss
    FLARE High
    DUROMETER 73-75 on D-Scale
    LANE CONDITION Medium-Heavy Oil
    FRAGRANCE Orange Pop
    WEIGHTS 12-16 lbs
    RELEASE DATE 09/22/23
    WARRANTY Storm 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • * Product Note: 12-13 lb. models of this ball use an alternate core that is different from the heavier models.

    16 lbs 2.48 0.048 0.019
    15 lbs 2.48 0.052 0.020
    14 lbs 2.53 0.050 0.017
    13 lbs 2.57 0.032 0.010
    12 lbs 2.69 0.029 0.008
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  • Storm Virtual Energy Blackout - Tech Sheet

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