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3G Formula Heel

Replacement Bowling Shoe Heels

Be prepared for any approach by customizing your slide with the 3G Formula Replacement Bowling Shoe Heels. Specifically designed for the 3G Racer bowling shoes, these heels will also fit the 3G Belmo MVR-1 and 3G Speed Dial shoes.

  • For use with 3G Racer, 3G Belmo MVR-1 and 3G Speed Dial shoes
  • Quickly and easily change your heels with an easy to use tab
  • Customize your slide for any condition
  • Styles range from H3 (Less Slide) to H17 (Most Slide)
  • Replacement heels come in two sizes that fit up to size 15 shoes
  • Trimming may be necessary for proper fitment
Availability: Universal fit for RH or LH
Styles: H3, H5, H7, H11, H15 or H17
Size Regular Large
U.S. Men's up to 9.5 10 - 15
Sold Individually

Heel Instructions:

1. Place your current heel on top of the new heel, lining up the two middle notches.

2. Using a ball point pen or marker, trace around your old heel onto the new heel.

3. Use tin snips or strong shears to trim your new heel to size.

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