3G Cleat Soles
(4) Medium or (6) Least Slide

Style (Friction)
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The 3G Replacement Cleat Soles are an interchangeable system so you can choose your own slide! If you are looking for a unique sole, this will definitely give you some different slide options. They are easy to change out, even while in the bowling center!

  • 2 Styles: Deer Skin (Medium Friction) or Back Skin (High Friction)
  • Different textured cleats can be added to the holes for a fine tuned slide
  • Replaces your worn out cleat sole or add a new option to your shoes
  • Comes in a rectangular shape which can be cut to fit your shoe
  • For use with 3G Slide Cleats

Availability: Cut to fit for RH or LH


Size M L XL
U.S. Men's 6 - 8 8.5 - 11 11.5 - 13
U.S. Women's 8 -10 10.5 - 13
Sold individually. 3G Slide Cleats sold separately.

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