Storm U-Clean U-Score
Urethane Ball Cleaner
8 oz - 32 oz


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Storm U-Clean U-Score

Urethane Bowling Ball Cleaner

With its original formulation, Storm U-Clean U-Score delivered consistent, repeatable performance for all. But lane conditions, lane surfaces, and lane oils have changed significantly. That's why we are introducing a new and improved version of the product that launched the Storm brand. Modern urethane bowling balls very easily get saturated with oil which decreases performance. U-Clean U-Score quickly and easily restores the performance of ALL urethane bowling balls.

  • Newly-Engineered formula to clean today's urethane bowling balls
  • The original product that started Storm, but better!
  • Newly-engineered to clean 21st century lane Conditioners from modern urethane bowling balls
Sizes: 8 oz or 32 oz

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