Dexter SST Slide Sole
(S11) Extra-Long Slide


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Dexter SST Saw Tooth Slide Sole - (S11) Extra-Long Slide

Replacement Bowling Shoe Slide Sole

Featuring an innovative design that integrates two separate materials, the Saw Tooth style sole creates three unique slide zones - including the center "saw tooth" zone that includes the blend of two materials for a smoother transition during your slide.

The Saw Tooth S11 sole is designed for an average resistance slide, offering slightly more resistance than the S12 but slightly less resistance than the S10.

  • The (S12) Black Ice toe & (S10) Gray Felt mid-sole produces an extra-long amount of slide
  • This model blends the slide characteristics from the S12 and S10 into one unique sole... delivering 3 unique slide zones
  • Best suited for extra tacky approaches that offer very little slide
  • Unique hexagon symmetrical shape can be inverted based on bowler preference
  • Intended for slide foot use only
  • For Dexter SST and Comfort Plus style shoes (see below)
  • Sold Individually
Availability: Universal fit for RH or LH
Sizes: Trim to fit - Regular or XL (Extended Length)
Style SST Comfort Plus
Size Regular XL Regular XL
U.S. Men's 6 - 10.5 11 - 15
7 - 15
U.S. Women's 5 - 11
6 - 9 9.5 - 11

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