3G Slide Soles
(2 - 6) Slide


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These 3G Tour Ultra - Replacement Slide Soles can be used to custom tailor your slide or replace your worn out slide soles. Choose from 5 different models offering varying amounts of slide.

  • #2 Felt - Low Friction (Most Slide)
  • #3 Chrome Leather - Medium-Low Friction (More Slide)
  • #4 Deer Skin - Medium Friction (Normal Slide)
  • #5 Oiled Leather - Medium-High Friction (Less Slide)
  • #6 Back Skin Leather - High Friction (Least Slide)
  • For use with 3G Tour Ultra shoes

Availability: Universal for RH or LH

Size: Cut to fit - Approx. 5" x 7"

3G Slide Chart

Sold Individually

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