Bowling Monkey
Performance Tape
32 ct

(1) DarkOrange
(2) Goldenrod
(3) Green
(4) Blue
(TS) Tape Sampler

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Bowling Monkey Protective Performance Tape protects your skin from cuts and abrasions while giving you a better fit and release of your bowling ball. Worn on your thumb or fingers, it's the modern way to protect and customize your fit with ease.

4 Styles to Choose from

#1 (Orange) Fast Release - The smooth texture provides the fastest release speed and a thinner profile for fitting.

#2 (Goldenrod) Natural Release - Provides the closest release to bare skin, but with all the benefits of fitting and protection.

#3 (Green) Medium Release - The more pronounced texture and thicker profile combine for a slower than bare skin release speed.

#4 (Blue) Slow Release - Our course textured tape produces the slowest release speed and maximum thickness for fitting purposes.

Tip: When needed, layer multiple styles to achieve the best fit while using less pieces.

  • Protects skin
  • Improves the fit of your thumb hole
  • Controls release speed out of your thumb hole
  • Layer multiple styles for a quick and easy fit
  • Low residue adhesive

#1-4 is available in 32 ct packs, or try our 32 ct Tape Sampler Pack, which includes 8 pieces of each style!

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