Genesis Excel Copper
Therapeutic Performance Tape
8 ct or 40 ct

(1) Red
(2) Blue
(3) Purple
(4) Orange
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Genesis® Excel™ Copper - Therapeutic Protection Tape with Copper Infuzion™

Genesis Excel Copper is the first and only performance tape to offer therapeutic benefits that may relieve hand fatigue and soreness while protecting your skin.

By adding Copper Infuzion™, we’ve given you more of the therapeutic elements found in our patented K-Motion™ kinesiology tape, without sacrificing any of the benefits you get from our original Excel™ Classic line.

  • Wear it on your thumb or fingers
  • Protects skin from calluses, cuts and abrasions
  • Different fabrics create different release speeds
  • Can be layered for an exact fit
  • Excel Copper 1, 2 & 3 feature a synthetic dual stretch material
  • Excel Copper 4 is made from a single stretch cotton material

Available in 1" widths

Excel™ Copper 1 - Fastest Release

Our thinnest performance tape also happens to be the quickest releasing tape in the Excel™ line. It features a quality synthetic material that has a fine knit weave for a smooth, almost silky, feel. Plus, the extra thin profile gives it the most stretch in either direction. If you like a quicker than normal release, you'll have no hang ups here.

Excel™ Copper 2 - Med-Fast Release

Excel™ Copper 2 has a release speed that is close to, if not slightly quicker than, bare skin. It has a smooth feel to its medium weave pattern, and is a step up in both thickness and texture from Excel™ 1. If you are looking more for protection and fit from your tape, without a drastic change to your release speed, then blue is for you.

Excel™ Copper 3 - Medium Release

Excel™ Copper 3 is the thickest of the three synthetic tapes, yet provides a medium release speed for the line. It will be slightly slower than bare skin, and has a tighter weave pattern with a soft, almost fuzzy, feel. A very "middle of the road" style for fit and release, yet it offers a high level of protection.

Excel™ Copper 4 - Med-Slow Release

Excel™ 4 is a cotton tape with a medium weave that is similar to Excel™ 2 in appearance, but with a much thicker profile. You will notice a slower release speed due to the higher friction material, but the protection is outstanding. The combination of thickness and weave pattern make this a great "base" option for layering tape.

Sizes: 8 ct or 40 ct

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