Genesis Excel Copper
Therapeutic Performance Tape
Un-Cut Roll

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(3) Purple
(4) Orange

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Genesis Excel Copper Roll

Therapeutic Bowling Protection Tape with Copper Infuzion

Genesis Excel Copper is the first and only performance tape to offer therapeutic benefits that may relieve hand fatigue and soreness while protecting your skin.

By adding Copper Infuzion, we’ve given you more of the therapeutic elements found in our patented K-Motion kinesiology tape, without sacrificing any of the benefits you get from our original Excel Classic line.

  • Wear it on your thumb or fingers
  • Protects skin from calluses, cuts and abrasions
  • Different fabrics create different release speeds
  • Can be layered for an exact fit
  • Excel Copper 2 & 3 feature a synthetic dual stretch material
  • Excel Copper 4 is made from a single stretch cotton material
Excel™ Copper 2 - Med-Fast Release

Excel™ Copper 2 has a release speed that is close to, if not slightly quicker than, bare skin. It has a smooth feel to its medium weave pattern, and is a step up in both thickness and texture from Excel™ 1. If you are looking more for protection and fit from your tape, without a drastic change to your release speed, then blue is for you.

Excel™ Copper 3 - Medium Release

Excel™ Copper 3 is the thickest of the three synthetic tapes, yet provides a medium release speed for the line. It will be slightly slower than bare skin, and has a tighter weave pattern with a soft, almost fuzzy, feel. A very "middle of the road" style for fit and release, yet it offers a high level of protection.

Excel™ Copper 4 - Med-Slow Release

Excel™ 4 is a cotton tape with a medium weave that is similar to Excel™ 2 in appearance, but with a much thicker profile. You will notice a slower release speed due to the higher friction material, but the protection is outstanding. The combination of thickness and weave pattern make this a great "base" option for layering tape.

Available in 1" widths
Size: 16.4' Un-Cut Roll

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