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Genesis® K-Motion™ - Premium Kinesiology Tape featuring Copper Infuzion™

K-Motion™ with Copper Infuzion™ is an innovative kinesiology tape solution for treating & preventing common repetitive injuries such as wrist, forearm, elbow, shoulder, knee pain and more.

K-Motion™ is the first tape of its kind with copper infused into a highly elastic synthetic / cotton hybrid material, and has proven highly effective for repetitive motion. Applied correctly, it can provide pain relief, increased support and added stability for injured or weakened muscles, delays fatigue and can ease joint soreness. All without sacrificing your comfort or freedom of movement.

Benefits of Use

  • Relieves pain
  • Reduces swelling
  • Supports weak or injured muscles & joints
  • Prevents or relieves cramps in overused muscles
  • Shortens recovery time
  • Includes instructions

Available in 16.4' Un-cut Rolls, 20 ct Pre-cut Strips or 4 ct Pre-cut Sample Packs

Genesis K-Motion™ - 20 ct Pre-cut Strips

K-Motion™ pre-cut strips are great for standard length applications, making taping faster and more convenient by eliminating the need for scissors. Each strip is machine cut with rounded ends, which tend to fray less than cutting by hand, and is packaged in a lay-flat sleeve for less curl and an easier application. But don't worry, you still get the same amount of tape as you would with the 16.4' roll.

Benefits of Use

  • "Grab and Go" convenience
  • Makes taping faster
  • No need to measure for standard applications
  • Machine cut ends tend to fray less
  • Flat pieces can be easier to apply
Genesis K-Motion™ - Un-cut Rolls

K-Motion™ un-cut rolls give you a full 16.4 feet of our advanced, easy to cut, copper infused material to handle whatever your taping needs may be. On a roll, it's perfect for people who frequently use smaller pieces of tape as well as for those who require taping techniques where longer lengths are needed, such as the torso, legs or when treating sciatica.

Benefits of Use:

  • Cut to the size you need
  • Less waste when smaller pieces are needed
  • Use for techniques where long lengths are required
  • More versatility for custom cuts, such as edema
  • Compact storage makes it convenient
Genesis K-Motion™ - Pre-cut Sample Pack

The Genesis® K-Motion™ Sample Pack is a great way to experience the benefits of our Copper Infused kinesiology tape for the first time. You may have either never heard of this type of product before, or maybe are just curious if it actually works as advertised. With the sample pack, you'll get to try it first hand for very little investment.

Each pack contains four (4) pre-cut strips in an assortment of colors. That's enough pieces for most advanced taping techniques, or up to four single applications!

Benefits of Use

  • Low cost way to try Kinesiology
  • Same size strips as our standard packs
  • Enough strips for up to four applications
  • Assorted Colors

Pro Tip: To prevent fraying during use, always round the corners when cutting. Using a quality pair of scissors is recommended.

Available Quantities

20 ct - Pre-cut Strips (10" x 2" pieces)

16.4' x 2" - Un-cut Roll

4 ct - Pre-cut Strip Sample Pack (Assorted Colors)

Colors: Beige (Tan), Black, Blue, Hot Pink, Purple, Red or White

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