Genesis K-Motion™
Copper Kinesiology Tape
Sample Pack

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Genesis K-Motion - Sample Pack

Premium Kinesiology Tape featuring Copper Infuzion

The Genesis K-Motion Sample Pack is a great way to experience the benefits of our Copper Infused kinesiology tape for the first time. You may have either never heard of this type of product before, or maybe are just curious if it actually works as advertised. With the sample pack, you'll get to try it first hand for very little investment.

Each pack contains four (4) pre-cut strips in an assortment of colors. That's enough pieces for most advanced taping techniques, or up to four single applications!

  • Low cost way to explore Kinesiology taping
  • Same size strips as our standard packs
  • Enough strips for up to four applications
  • Assorted Colors
  • Includes instructions
  • Unique Synthetic / Cotton Blend material for maximum comfort and performance
  • Lightweight feel
Quantity: 4 ct (random colors)

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