Genesis Pure Pad 3D
Leather Ball Wipe

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Genesis® Pure Pad™ 3D - Buffalo Leather with a 3-D Gripping Surface Ball Wipe Pad

Make a pure shot every time with our premium ball wipe pad. Made of durable all natural Buffalo Leather, the heavy nap of the Pure Pad™ 3D will effortlessly absorb dirt and oil better than any micro fiber towel or shammy ever could. We then backed it with a dimensional rubberized backing for enhanced grip and styled it to provide a polarizing look. Every time you use it, you’ll be reminded that this isn’t just another ordinary bowling towel... or shammy for that matter!

  • All Natural Buffalo Leather
  • Dimensional rubberized backing
  • Designed to catch your eye as much as it enhances your grip
  • Provides a clean, pure surface every time
  • Heavy duty stitching
  • Non-Abrasive - Won't harm or alter the surface
  • Works on all ball types
  • Hand washable

Size: 6” dia.

Color / Style: Black with rubber 3D gripping surface.

Note: The leather colors may vary due to the natural color of the hide.

How to Clean and Care for your Pure Pad™ 3D

Sold Individually

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