Genesis Pure Plus+
Micro-Suede Cleaning Pad

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Genesis Pure Plus+

Micro-Suede Bowling Ball Cleaning Pad

The Genesis Pure Plus+ is a dual sided bowling ball cleaning pad that helps give you a more consistent reaction as you bowl. This oil absorbing pad features a micro-suede side for when the lanes are dry and a plush microfiber side for more heavily oiled lanes.

  • Two Cleaning Pads in One... Micro-Suede and Plush Microfiber!
  • Designed to be used dry
  • Use the Micro-Suede side for Drier Lanes
  • Use the Plush Microfiber for Oily Lanes
  • Can be used wet, if desired
  • Screen Printed Genesis logo
  • Non-Abrasive - Won't harm or alter the surface
  • Works on all ball types
  • Hand washable
Size: 7" x 6"

Note: * Do not use on hands or shoes when wet, or after having been saturated with cleaning products.

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