Motiv Grip Disk Shammy
Leather Ball Wipe
Jackal or Venom


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Motiv Grip Disk Shammy

Rubberized Grip Bowling Ball Shammy Pad

Reach for the MOTIV® Grip Disk to absorb lane oil and take your ball performance to the next level. This sleek and stylish disk shammy is the perfect size to fit snugly in your hand, and its rubberized backing ensures you never lose your grip. The Grip Disk features a thick layer of natural buffalo leather, delivering unparalleled absorbency. Say goodbye to inconsistent ball reaction and hello to peak performance. Each Grip Disk also sports an amazing design that is authentically MOTIV®.

  • Highly absorbent buffalo leather shammy removes oil to maximize ball performance.
  • 6" disk with rubberized backing is easy to grip.
  • Non-Abrasive - Won't harm or alter the surface.
  • Hand wash and air dry
  • Sold Individually
Styles: Jackal (Red) or Venom (Purple)

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