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Motiv Nuclear Forge

Witness the revolution of bowling dominance as the fiery glow of the Nuclear Forge™ takes over the lanes. Creating a fusion of the proven Detonator™ core with new Propulsion™ HVP coverstock, the Nuclear Forge™ provides length through the front of the lane with electrifying backend motion. Brace yourself for the arrival of a ball so explosive, it redefines what’s possible.

Motiv Bowling's pearl coverstocks are not just a game-changer; they're an absolute force! From Santtu Tahvanainen's mind-blowing World Series of Bowling triumph with the Supra Rally™ to EJ Tackett's thrilling TV 300 achieved with the ExJ VIP Sigma™, Motiv has cemented its authority as the ultimate force in pearl resin mastery.

Following the success of the Propulsion™ coverstock on the PBA Tour, Motiv R&D set out to create a Propulsion™ cover that could handle higher concentrations of oil. The new Propulsion™ HVP cover on the Nuclear Forge™ is that cover. This Propulsion™ High Volume Pearl cover has more traction in oil than Propulsion™ DRS, but with the same technology at its base. This dynamic pearl coverstock is the pinnacle of Motiv's expertise!

The Detonator™ core pulses with energy inside the Nuclear Forge™. This highly stable core fuses a fast-spinning, low RG design with high differential strength. This combination provides the incredible control from the low RG, and when the high differential comes into play, it delivers unmatched traction and brute force.

When to Use
  • Speed Dominant: The Nuclear Forge™ is a pearl with a strong enough core for speed dominant bowlers to use when creating angle down lane is necessary. The combination of a high volume pearl cover and a low rg/high differential core means speed dominant bowlers can trust that their ball will still create shape when most pearls just can’t.
  • Balanced Bowlers: For balanced bowlers the Nuclear Forge™ is the first symmetrical pearl out of the bag. When transition hits and these bowlers are forced to find some help through the front, the Nuclear Forge™ is a great solution. The strong pearl cover can still handle moderate to medium heavy volumes of oil while providing ample down lane motion.
  • Rev Dominant Bowlers: On higher friction surfaces rev dominant players are so often forced into pearl covers to start their block. The fast revving, big flaring Detonator™ core will help rev dominant bowlers have some control while still creating the angle through the front that their physical game demands of them.

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