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The Storm C2 wrist positioner does it all. It allows for lateral movements of the wrist and to be locked in place once a comfortable fit is found. The C2 allows the user to dial in the proper amount of wrist cup for optimum comfort and performance.

  • Palm strap for secure fit
  • Adjustable wrist/forearm strap for customized fit
  • Easy-to-use wrist cup/angle adjustment dial
  • Designed for superior performance and function
  • Heavy duty anchor spare shooting adjustment makes spares easy
  • Embroidered logos

Note: Both the Storm C2 and the Storm C4 devices have the ability to increase/ decrease rev rate, as well as axis rotation and axis tilt. The major difference is the Storm C4 has replaceable pads for the wrist and back hand.

Availability: RH or LH

Sizes: S/M or L/XL

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