Storm Power Shammy
Magnetic Shammy Pad

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Storm Power Shammy

Magnetic Bowling Ball Shammy Pad

Removing oil from your bowling ball between each shot is critical to extending the performance and reaction. The original Storm Shammy was a game-changer and most fans have chosen to replace the bowling towel with this tool. The new Power Shammy takes it to the next level. At Storm, we have installed a powerful magnet that is protected inside which allows you to hang it directly on any metal scoring units at the bowling center by the bowling ball returns. The Power Shammy includes a double-sided leather pad with an inner layer that helps absorb the oil from the lanes and maintain the performance of all your favorite Storm bowling balls.

  • Features a magnet inside the shammy so you can hang it from metal surfaces such as scoring units, ball returns, etc.
  • Standard leather on both sides, with an oil absorbing layer in between
  • Restores that tacky feel to your ball
  • Works on all types of bowling balls
Color: Black

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