CtD TruCut Conditioner
Abrasive Pad Conditioner
4 oz - 8 oz


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CtD TruCut Conditioner is made to extend the life of an abrasive pad. The conditioner provides a balanced level of lubricity that allows the pad to keep cutting, while dramatically reducing the friction created during the sanding process. Using this product will increase the life of your abrasive pad by up to 4 times compared to using a pad dry.

  • For use with abrasive pads while sanding or resurfacing
  • Provides a level of lubricity for your abrasive pad
  • Allows for a cleaner cut
  • Leaves a more consistent finish
  • Traps dust for less mess
  • Helps to speed up the cutting process
  • Safe for use with any bowling ball type

Note: This is not a ball cleaner. It is used as a lubricant to extend the life of your abrasive pads.

Sizes: 4 or 8 oz

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